Programs of Study

The school offers a variety of study programmes to meet the different individual needs of our students and future professionals in the areas of art & design. Students can choose from programmes that allow them to complete their studies in Cyprus gaining a Bachelor Degree or programmes that can lead them to complete their studies abroad. These programmes offer introductions and specialisations in the following fields of art & design:

Video art
Multidimensional approach to Fine art

Fashion design
Textile design
Graphic design and Illustration
Jewellery design and accessories
Theatre, stage and costume design
Product design

Full time tuition includes both morning and evening classes.

Part time tuition is flexible, usually students will study for as long as it will take for each individual case to complete the course, according to the time they spend on it. Part-time tuition fees will be calculated according to each student’s attendance and will be paid monthly.

Aigaia students have the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ European programmes. During 2016, our students visited Italy and Portugal, in 2018 they visited Spain and in 2019 they visited The Netherlands, for training purposes gaining more experiences in the professional fields of the Visual Arts. The mobilities are organised by Aigaia and are aiming to be about various subjects that are concerned with professional and vocational education, internships at various companies or generally in the industry involved with the arts, culture and art education.

The end of year show at Aigaia, gives the opportunity to our students to present their artwork in a professional environment. This is usually the first professional exposure of their work as young artists to an audience, as individuals or in their year groups. The exhibition previews their long, difficult but exciting journey and involvement in the Visual arts in Cyprus and of abroad. The high level of creative and innovative education is reflected in the visual language and messages of the students’ artworks. These works highlight our school’s aims to be pioneers in the creation of a Contemporary Visual Culture in Cyprus.

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