Αigaia School of Art and design is a contemporary Art College, the only specialised Art & Design Institution in Cyprus accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth.

The Summer program «ART COLLEGE for Young Artists» is designed according to the context and teaching methods applied to the courses offered by Aigaia in a tertiary education level. The philosophy behind the Summer Program is to keep children creatively occupied with an educational, fun, and interactive program during the Summer months.

Children involved in the arts develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills, are motivated, and boost their academic achievement and success.

Children will receive quality education in a completely artistic and fun environment, acquiring the knowledge and experiences of an Art College!

  • The summer program usually starts in the last week of June and will last for at least 5 weeks.
  • Lessons take place daily from Monday to Friday.
  • Regardless of age, children can be in the school from 7:15 until 15:30.
  • Teaching hours are between 8:00 to 14:00.
  • Children can join for as many weeks as they like.

The purpose of the summer programme is for children to become familiar and understand the world of visual and performing arts. These include involvement in many different art & design projects, music and theatre workshops. All lessons will be based on practical, interactive, creative and interesting projects.

Our students will experience the world of the arts through a pleasant journey that follows the pathway of inspiration, research, creation and practical application.

All activities take place in the premises of Aigaia. Students have the opportunity to create in secure and fully equipped studios and workshops, instructed by professional artists, designers and theatre specialists with experience in education.

Painting, Portrait, Drawing & Life Drawing, Printmaking, Ceramics, Photography, Sculpture, Crafts and Design, Animation, Comics, Street Art & Graffiti, Theatre & Performance, Fashion and Textiles Design, Graphic Design, Architecture, History of artists & art movements

Aigaia offers students the opportunity to gain a spherical understanding of the arts, to experiment and develop their creativity and imagination in a purely artistic, warm and friendly environment.

Activities include:

> fine and applied arts

Art and Design activities will get children involved in painting, sculpture, ceramics, illustration and also in creating 3D structures and crafts through personal and group projects. They will also design and create costumes and sets for theatre, take on photography, video art, animation and learn through interactive projects about contemporary history of cultures, art movements and artists. In Aigaia, children will take valuable stimulations and set solid foundations for continuing their interest in arts and culture.

> theatre

Theatre activities will include storytelling and dramatization, puppetry and shadow play, performance, acting and theatre games. Theatre gives the opportunity to all people involved, to develop their knowledge and skills and to satisfy their primary need for expression and to develop concepts about themselves, human relationships, and their environment. It also enhances communication skills and team work by developing the sense of responsibility for one another and for the whole team.

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